Heroin Use Explodes, Especially Among Whites

(Summer 2017) A new study uncovers a 500% increase in heroin use in the U.S. within the past 10 years. Statistics show the largest jump among Caucasians and males with low education and income. Heroin dependence has also risen three-fold over the past decade, with a marked surge among whites between age 18 and 44.


The escalation has been driven in part by misuse of prescription opiates. The study revealed that, from 2012 to 2013, 53% of Caucasians on heroin had previously abused prescription opioids, compared to 36% in 2001-2002.


The study’s lead researcher concluded that, since heroin’s effects so closely mimic those of prescription opioids, heroin use has become more acceptable within circles of suburban and rural whites.


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